50 Extremely Amazing facts only a few persons know

50 Extremely Amazing facts only a few persons know|| Every Day Excited

Hey, readers, do you know what’s impossible? To hmm... with your nose pinched closed. Seriously, try it. I’ll wait… See? I’ve got a lot more fascinating facts where that came from. (In case you’re wondering, it came from my fortune cookie here…) Anyway, here we go!

When sea otters sense that they’re in danger, they show their babies to the predators to make them feel mercy. Gee thanks, mom…

Google is a number followed by 100 zeros. I dare you to write that down counting the 0s one by one!

The computer term “there’s a bug in the system” emerged in 1946 when an actual moth got trapped inside a Relay Calculator at Harvard.

Squirrels accidentally plant millions of trees every year because they forget where they bury their acorns.

Fortune cookies were actually invented in the US in the early 1900s. When they were first imported to China in 1992, they didn’t do well because the people of the country found them “too American.”

A rainbow that happens at night is called a moonbow. They’re mostly white and very rare!

A giraffe’s neck can reach up to 6 feet in length. Yet, it contains the same number of bones as the human neck.

In 2009, a team of scientists went on an expedition to Loch Ness Lake to locate the famous monster. To their surprise, they found more than 100,000 golf balls instead.

Tim Storms holds the Guinness World Record for the deepest voice. He reached notes that were so low only elephants could hear.

How many words for snow do you know? The Scottish have 421 words for the cold fluffy stuff. Some of them are feefle, spitters, and snaw pouther. Now I wanna watch the Scottish TV weatherman – I’ll bet that’s entertaining!

The skin of a polar bear is actually black. But because its fur is clear (that’s right, it ain’t white!) and the strands are hollow, they scatter light. This creates the illusion that it’s white, like feefle!

Just like our fingers, our tongue has its own unique print. We also have around 10,000 taste buds, and each of them has an average lifespan of 10 days. I’m tasting a pattern here.

In the English language, if you spell out all the numbers, you’d have to count up to 1,000 before you came across the letter “a”. Try it!

In 1815, Indonesia’s Mount Tambora had the biggest volcanic eruption in human history – it lasted 2 weeks. It created an ash layer in our planet’s atmosphere, and 1816 became the year without a summer.

A day wasn’t always 24 hours. 4.5 billion years ago, it was only 4 hours – that was because the moon was closer to the Earth. 3.5 Billion years ago, a day lasted 12 hours, and by the time we humans appeared, a day was roughly 24 hours long.

The hashtag symbol isn’t actually called a hashtag. The real term for it is an “octothorpe.” “Octo” means eight, and it refers to the points of the symbol.

In 2015, the Oxford Dictionary announced that the word of the year was the “smiling emoji with tears of joy.” Hey, which is your most often used emoji? Show me down in the comments!

Do you know what else is impossible? To walk on Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, or Uranus. These gas planets don’t have a solid surface. On Venus, though, you’ll be swimming in lava. Lucky you.

When scientists analyzed fossils, they found that dinosaurs likely made sounds similar to pigeons or the mumbles of an ostrich. Oh yeah, and the mighty T-Rex probably had feathers.

Canadian researchers found out that Einstein’s brain was 15% wider than average. But he never learned to drive a car. I’m guessing he was busy with the Theory of Relativity.

The first microwave was invented by Percy Spencer in 1945. The engineer received only $2 for his discovery. That’s equivalent to 30 bucks today.

Speaking of geniuses… When we learn something new, our brain changes its structure. We form new connections between neurons that help us link information faster.

There’s a 5,000-year-old Egyptian necklace that’s made from…a meteorite! When scientists analyzed it, they found that the necklace contained the same metals as a space rock.

In the 18th century, sugar was so expensive that only rich people could afford it. And when someone had a black decayed tooth, they were considered the crem de la crème. Ooh, how times have changed.

Sonic the Hedgehog was put in the Guinness Book of Records for being the fastest video game character of all time. After all, he runs faster than the speed of light!

Our noses can detect more than 1 trillion smells. Sounds impressive, but a dog’s sniffer can detect 10,000 times more than that. While humans can smell if there’s a teaspoon of sugar in their coffee, a dog can smell a teaspoon of sugar in 1 million gallons of water.

Goats were the first to discover coffee’s energizing effects. They started feeding on coffee berries and got hyperactive for the rest of the day. The goat owner noticed this and spread the word!

The average person will grow almost 600 miles of hair over a lifetime. That’s twice as long as the atmosphere is thick.

2 billion pencils are manufactured every year in the US alone. If you laid all of them on the ground end-to-end, they’d circle the earth’s equator 9 times. And each of those pencils can write 45,000 words and draw a line that’s over 30 miles long.

The difference between mass and weight is that your mass is always the same, but your weight changes depending on your location. So, if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you’d only be 38 pounds on Mars.

Have you ever thrown an apple in a river and seen it float? That’s because it’s 23% air.

In the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains. To keep them protected, a brand introduced the tiny little pockets we have on our jeans today.

Peanuts aren’t nuts. They belong to the botanical family of Fabaceae, which are legumes.

Thanks to the invention of 3D printing, NASA can mail tools to astronauts in the International Space station. Now, we just need a pizza teleporter. Hey, we could be close… Physicists achieved teleportation in the quantum world. They managed to transfer the quantum characteristics of one atom to another at a different location.

Minnie Mouse’s full name was supposedly Minerva, and Mickey was going to be named Mortimer. But that was later changed, and Mortimer became Mickey’s rival. And have you ever noticed how Minnie, Mickey, and the whole gang always wear gloves? There’s a reason for that. It helped animators save time while still making the characters stand out. It also made the animal creatures appear more human – hence the 4 human-like fingers.

It can take a sloth up to a month to digest a single leaf. Figures.

The perfect SAT score in the US is 1600 points. Bill Gates scored 1590, and Mark Zuckerberg got somewhere between 1590 and 1600.

The University of Oxford is older than the Aztec Empire. The university started as a learning hub in 1096 and became an educational institution in 1249. The Aztec Empire was founded in 1428.

 Antares is a star that’s 550 light-years away from Earth. It’s 15 times larger and 10,000 times brighter than our Sun.

Have you ever said anything contradictory and someone told you, “Hey, that’s an oxymoron”? Well, the word itself means exactly that. In Greek, “oxy” means smart and “moron” means dull.

The sun is halfway through its life. In fact, it just joined the A.A.R.P! no just kidding. In a little more than 4.5 billion years, it’ll keep its mass, but its volume will become like the Earth’s. Then, we can call it a white dwarf and move away to a different solar system. Pack your bags.

An astronaut’s spacesuit costs 12 million bucks, and 70% of that money goes to that beefy backpack and the control module.

Marge Simpson’s hairstyle was super tall because she was hiding her rabbit ears underneath. The creators were going to make the big reveal in the last episode of the first season, but the cartoon got too realistic. “Realistic”…really?

We share 60% of the same DNA as bananas. Such appeal. The fruit also contains 3,520 picocuries of radiation, making them one of the most radioactive foods we eat. Brazil nuts have almost double that amount. Both pretty yummy though!

When the typewriter was first invented in 1829, the keys were arranged in alphabetical order. But when someone typed too fast, the keys got jammed. So, in 1867, the qwerty keyboard was introduced to slow typists down.

There are over 10,000 beaches in Australia. It would take you about 27 years to visit a new one each day. Well, I think we should try it. You in?

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