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Unbeatable World Records

People are fascinating, it seems like we can’t tolerate any boundaries. We love to push the limits somehow. This striving for the extraordinary makes a few of us look for records to break. But some world records seem to be... I don’t know…unbeatable! Some are just impossible to surpass, while others you wouldn’t even want to challenge as they’re simply too weird. 

Not Gone With The Wind Here’s 

The kind of record that you won’t wish for anyone to try and beat. It happened on March 12, 2006, in Fordland, Missouri, when an F2 rated tornado blew away a trailer house of 19-year-old Matt Suter. Yet the record wasn’t set there but 1,307 ft [98m] away, from where Matt found himself almost absolutely unharmed a couple of minutes later after he lost consciousness from the initial impact of the twister. This is the longest distance a person was ever carried away by a tornado and survived, and I would be really glad if that record wasn’t beaten any time soon.

Turbo Kart Racer 

A racer with an unbearable need for speed in a sports car or F1 is one thing, but there aren’t many daredevils out there who would try to beat a record Tom Bagnall set on his jet-propelled go-kart. In 2018, the British engineer sped up to 112 mph in a small car that is in no way suited for such speed. Of course, his vehicle was heavily modified, but trying to go faster in a go-kart would be too dangerous. I think this record deserves to rest for a reasonable while. 

959 Ways to Fail Your Driving Test 

And here is one from a person that definitely shouldn’t try to participate in driving contests. Cha Sa-soon, a 69-year-old woman from South Korea, became a local celebrity and symbol of perseverance. All she did was pass a driving test. On her 960th try. Grandma Cha Sa-soon, as people call her, set the truly unbeatable record as no one would ever spend three years on failing attempts at something like that. Personally, I think instructors of her driving schools deserve their own separate recognition for this record because they never rejected Cha Sa-soon and were consistent in helping her out. So what exactly did Grandma stink at, parallel parking? 


Just as I said, some records are better left alone. At least it would be great if no one would have to fight with an 80 ft high wave with nothing at their side but a surfboard. This is what Rodrigo Koxa, a Brazilian surfer, did in November of 2018 in Nazare, Portugal. A giant wave twice taller than a telephone pole almost caught him off guard, but he states that he remembered the voice he heard in a dream, he’d had the previous night, which told him to go straight down. He did it just in time to save his life and to become a record holder. 

Record Setter For Life Okay, 

No fancy introduction to this one: most cloth pegs clipped to a person’s face in a minute – 51 little Clippy things! Just… why? Silvio Sabba from Italy is also a master of stacking dice, building towers from paper towel rolls and holding unimaginable quantities of eggs and pool balls in one hand. He lives for breaking records and it doesn’t matter how weird they can be. And let’s face it – he is good at that and now holding over a hundred of strange little Guinness Records to his name. Hey, what if you too could break some record in your spare time? Tell me what you would do in the comment section! 

The Most Patient Cat 

I bet if Silvio had a reliable friend to his side, he would beat this record too, but the record for the most dice stacked on a cat’s paw belongs to L.C. Siew and his loyal cat Bibi from Malaysia and was set on June 18, 2017. I don’t think anyone would be able to stack more than 10 dice on a cat’s paw any time soon, because there simply aren’t enough cats as patient as Bibi in the world. 

The Power of Preaching 

What do you think a priest could do in his spare time? For a Canadian pastor of St Paul’s Lutheran Church Kevin Fast, it’s tugging enormous vehicles using nothing more than the power of his own muscles. He is one of the strongest men on Earth, 9 absolute records for powerlifting. One of them includes pulling a 189-ton aeroplane for 28 ft straight. Even now, in the 5th decade of his life, he doesn’t want to stop and dreams of a day when he will have a chance to pull a space shuttle. Hmm, doesn’t say here how many people he pulls into his Sunday Service. 

Full Ears of Hair 

Guess some people are just gifted like that and their records can’t be beaten. And here’s one obvious example: Radhakant Bajpai – the man with the longest ear hairs. I hear you giggling…, imagine how many times Radhakant heard people around him giggling when he first decided to grow ear hair for the record. According to him, he used to tell to people around him that his hair would one day become a great achievement. And he was right! In 2010 he became an owner of 5.25-inch-long ear hair and the absolute world record for that. That’s …something alright. 

Lifelong Hiccups 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel good to be a record holder. Charles Osborne learned it the hard way since he was the man who had hiccups for 68 years straight and without any relief. His hiccups first started in 1922, when he was 29-years-old. His hiccups were also quite frequent – 40 times per minute, and were only reduced when he was lucky enough to fall asleep, although he still hiccupped 20 times per minute. Not an eligible, but surely unbeatable record. 

Going Beyond Human 

Some people just won’t give up even if no oddities were naturally given to them. Rolf Buchholz started adding body modifications when he was only a kid with small tattoos and piercing. Now he is 59 years old and has whopping 516 body modifications total. And he doesn’t want to stop there, even though he has literal horns all over his body and is covered with metal. Like they say, just be yourself! 

The Master of Mouse and Keyboard 

Speedrunning is a race against time to finish a game or a single level faster than anyone else. Adam Hegyi is one of the best Doom players – the game that gave new life to speedrunning. In 1998 he became the one to fully go through level called Phobos Anomaly on highest difficulty without any hacks or glitches used. It took him only 1 minute and 10 seconds. Every other speedrun record has been beaten numerous times but this one holds to this very day. 

The Punch of Excellence 

Throughout the history of traditional sports, there was never a boxer who would’ve beaten legendary American boxer Archie Moore in a number of knockouts. He was able to do 131 KOs in his career! No one else was able to get even close to such a number. No wonder Moore was rated as 3rd greatest pound-for-pound boxer of all time. After his career ended, he was training Muhammed Ali himself and who knows, maybe this absolute legend of boxing is also partly to his credit. 

The Unbeatable Fighter 

Over 100 KOs sounds menacing, yet knockout is not the point of boxing. A true master wins by any means, and Rocky Marciano is just one such master. He is the 6th greatest heavyweight boxer of all time and the only boxer in history who wasn’t ever defeated. He fought 49 times and won them all with 43 knockouts. And guess who was a prototype for the famous Rocky Balboa? Yes, it’s this guy, and it seems like in real life he was even tougher.

The True Game-Changer 

One more on sport that can’t be left out. On November 24th, 1960 famous basketball player Wilt Chamberlain did the impossible: 55 rebounds in a single game – his Philadelphia Warriors versus Boston Celtics. The mind-blowing thing about this record is the irony of it. Since then no one else was able to do even 37 rebounds in one game, so they didn’t even come close. But that time Wilt’s team couldn’t win the game even though Wilt alone made 42 goal attempts. Through his career, Wilt Chamberlain did a total of 22,924 rebounds and was considered an unbeatable counterpart on a court. 

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