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Benefits of Banana for health


Are you determined to live a healthy life? Why not try Banana. You all must be listening if you want to live healthy, do exercise, perform yoga and meditation, control your eating habits, etc.

But you can fulfil it by including Bananas in your diet chart.

Let’s now discuss about it.

BANANA, botanically MUSA (in general), is a yellowish curved fruit, cultivated in hot countries. Banana now being considered as the number one consumed fruit in USA even more than oranges and apple combined. Banana is a very rich source of vitamins, minerals and sugar.

Here, is a brief description of nutrients present in a normal sized banana.

  1.  Potassium = 9% of the RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake of one day)
  2.  Vitamin B6 = 33% of RDI
  3.  Vitamin C =11% of RDI
  4.  Magnesium = 8% of RDI
  5.  Copper = 11% of RDI
  6.  Manganese = 14% of RDI
  7.  Fat = 0.5 gram
  8.  Protein = 1.3 gram
  9.  Fibre = 8.1 grams
  10.  Net carbs = 24 grams
  11.  TOTAL CALORIES = 105-130

Beside all these nutritional values, there are many lots of benefits of having a Banana.

  •  Prevent Cancer

Having 2 bananas daily in your diet chart, may prevent Cancer. Ripened bananas generally have brown spots on their skin, this does not mean that they are rotten or have lost their
nutritional value. These ripened bananas have TNF (tumour necrosis Factor), which is a potent fighting substance which fights abnormal body cells. Researches and studies have found that the TNF in bananas prevent the growth and spread of tumour cells, including apoptosis (cell death).

  •  Remedy for Constipation

As the bananas are rich in fibres and cellulose, or simply roughage, they stimulate the bowel movement. Thus, are beneficial for your digestive system. 

  • Helps to stop smoking

Nutrients in banana like potassium, vitamins, magnesium, etc, take out nicotine from the body and thus helps to avoid smoking.

  •  Overweight

As you get the calories by just eating 2 bananas prevents overeating. It helps to prevent feeling of hunger and subsequent overeating, without adding a ;ots of unnecessary calories to your diet.

  •  Reduce the risk of heart strokes and attacks

Regular consumption of bananas may prevent heart attacks and strokes, as having rich in potassium content, it prevents blockages and inhibits the hardening and narrowing of arteries.

  •  Good for blood

Having a high amount of potassium in bananas helps to regulate the blood pressure levels. As one’s blood pressure in controlled the mood automatically enhances.

  •  Bones

As discussed earlier, bananas have potassium, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin k; prevents the chances of osteoporosis in older ages.

  • Eyesight

As same as the other fruits Bananas having a lots of nutrients helps to improve eyesight. Vitamin a is present but in a small amount.

  • Hangover

Banana salad with honey is beneficial to treat hangover. Banana along with honey soothes the stomach and intestine. Therefore are immensely beneficial for treating Hangover.

  • Improves the function of the brain and alertness

Due to the presence of serotonin and vitamin B6, it regulates the mood and makes your brain be relaxed. Thus, it improves the concentration level and alertness.

  •  Useful anaemic patients

People who suffer from anaemia need to ingest a eat amount of iron, which stimulates the production of haemoglobin in the blood. Bananas are only not a ch source of iron they also
contain a high amount of Vitamin C which increases the absorption of iron.

  •  Is a good immunity booster

Bananas contain vitamin B6, which is necessary to produce antibodies and red blood cells.

Don’t throw the peels

Banana peels have great antifungal and antibiotic properties. It has been used to treat Psoriasis, poison ivy, warts, to remove splinters, and whiten teeth. So, before throwing away the peel again, think over it as you may be losing its tremendous benefits.

So, at last we conclude that, we must include at least 2 bananas for our daily diet chart. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope it may be beneficial for you. We’ll come up again with a new article soon.

In this article, there is a huge contribution of Ranash Sinha, my very close friend.


  1. Bananas are awesome right? High potassium, filling, delightful.

    1. Thanks for reading our article. Yeah bananas are awesome. They are very heathy.

  2. Hmmm. bananas seem to be beneficial