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Hello friends. I hope you all are doing well. By now, I’m had explored a lot on ‘The universe’, and going to discuss my exploration with you all.

So, before getting started, I want to question you that, what is the smallest known thing to the world? Well, you may answer it that, it is atoms, some may even answer neutron, proton and electron. Now my next and the last question is, what is the largest known thing in this world? One may answer that it is the universe or one can even say that it is the multiverse. But, you should know that the concept of the multiverse is still not cleared up and is unknown to us.

So, this is going to be a long series explaining my exploration of the universe.

The Cosmic Beginning

We the people on the earth imagine that the universe is the vast and the complex thing that we have seen all combined. But the universe is the complex thing which is far beyond our imagination!!!!! Scientist, astrologist, astrophysicists, fortune tellers have studied, observed, calculated and conjectured about the universe, but were unsuccessful. Slowly with the passage of time, we are coming up with some rough and half explained theories. But among them, the most reliable theory about the beginning of the universe is the BIG BANG THEORY.

It says that at one point there was nothing; no stars, no planets, no galaxies, not even space itself. It was a complete nothingness. Even some of the matter that exists, it was actually concentrated in a single and incredibly dense point known as a singularity. The gravitational force of singularity is so great that the fabric of the space-time was curved to itself. All it needed was an explosion that could overcome singularity and destroy it. The explosion named the big bang occurred due to the reaction of the gravitation force that the ‘singularity’ possesses.

Here, is some interesting fact-

  • 10-35 second later after the big bang, big bang’s energy turned into matter.
  • 10-5 seconds later after the big bang, the universe’s natural forces took shape.
  • 3 second later after the big bang, nuclei of simple atoms formed.
  • 10,000 years later, the universe’s energy becomes radiation.
  • 300,000 years later, energy in the form of matter equals energy in the form of radiation.
  • 300,000,000 years later, the density of gas increases and the stars formed.
The term big bang was first coined by a British astronomer, Fred Hoyle, in The 1950s, in which he used the term derisively( the steady-state theory).
Fred Hoyle

THE STEADY STATE THEORY, It is the concept of expanding universe whose average density remains constant, in which matter is continuously created to form new stars and galaxies at the same rate that old ones recede from sight.

Astrophysicists see the big bang more like an instantaneous expansion that within a few seconds created the nuclear reactions and produced the protons, neutrons and electrons that form the matter today. The universe was roughly one-quarter helium, three-quarter hydrogen- a ratio exhibited in the universe. The formation of the universe was taken billions of years ago. Earth along with the solar system is a product of a stellar explosion almost five billion years ago. Researchers have launched many advanced satellites to know more about our universe. But, like the big bang theory, the explosion which made the universe is still in motion and is still exploding and expanding with a speed even far beyond that of light!! It is still some theory says that is theoretically possible. It is said that space is four-dimensional and the whole universe is of ‘n’ dimension, due to the presence of many, many, many black holes, which are formed from an extremely huge dying star.


At the very beginning, there was nothing at all. There was only one point which had incredible density, sustaining matter inside it. It was having such great gravitational force that caused a massive explosion called the big bang, which resulted to scatter all the matter around, and thus by continuous astronomical processes the galaxies formed and celestial bodies developed. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this, we are coming up very soon with the next topic ‘The Stars’.

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